Is Syria the victim or survivor of distorted facts?

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Arash Zahedi

When the anti-Libya campaign was gaining momentum last year Russia, however not pro Libya war, had said yes to a UN resolution calling for a no-fly zone over the North African country.

Moscow says the Arab League (AL) proposed plan brings concerns of the prospect of a Syrian civil war. And honestly speaking, why not concerned after observing the fashion in which Gaddafi was overthrown or what is called, whether right or wrong, as “The al-Qaeda takeover of Libya”.

Now the reason why the AL has turned so much against one of its own Arab brother countries is indeed misguiding when it says it wants to back a democratic process in Syria, as it is no secret the league itself is led by countries whose systems are anything but democracies.

The Arab League had sent an observer mission to Syria and, interestingly, their findings provided a very different perspective from what everyone had seen until that time through the eyes of the West’s mainstream media of what the realities on the ground in Syria have been. The most important observation, without a doubt, was that the report had said there really is an ‘armed entity’, which the Syrian government had blamed from the onset for the killings and violence in the country.

Head of AL mission in Syria Lt. Gen. Mohammad Mustafa al-Dabi reiterated on Thursday in the capital city of Sudan, Khartoum that the reality on the ground is that gunmen, “the Free Army”, exist. He denounced the media campaign launched by some sides against the mission even before it started work , stressing that foreign media, not the Syrian media, fabricated a lot of news about the work of the mission. Al-Dabi affirmed that he verified the release of 5000 detainees, who were involved in the current events in Syria, due to the latest general amnesty.

The AL mission was on a right track as one can see now. The violence had at the beginning subsided as the mission argues. So, why should the operation be suddenly aborted?! The answer might lie with those who under the guise of seeking human rights, want to see Assad gone to install a regime that guarantees their type of ideas of government. And again, ironically though, these countries have some of the poorest records of human rights, especially women’s rights.

Now, the planners of the Syria invasion within the AL, wanting to keep their own resources unharmed in case of an escalation of hostilities, are trying to sell the idea of a war to the invasion record holders who want to see a new Syria, not necessarily favored by its people, which can assure them that Israel remains, where it is, safer than before and that there is, in their imagination only, way to go to Iran after Syria!

It would be only simplistic to think there will be what they call a “democracy” in Syria given the “democracies” they have created in other countries that they have invaded and occupied.

In fact, in addition to securing the Tel-Aviv vested interests, this should be viewed as a new chapter in the West’s new-colonialism. It is about the United States financial collapse, its debt to China, and about securing its future as the ‘dominant super power’ in the 21st century.

However, inside Syria odds are, honestly, not so much against President Assad as some major media outlets are propagating. The majority of Syrians who either support the president or are not against him and even those who are not fond of him or think of him as a savior are not on the side of AL, the west and invasion either.

Do Syrians want reforms? Absolutely! But they do not want them at the price of their country’s invasion and occupation. It is not them who seek regime change, the “the Free Army” does! And the AL, instead of addressing the problem and fixing it as the Syrian nation favors, responds to the ‘armed entity’s’ demand.

Perhaps the league has really believed the made-up media scenarios itself has written for Syria so firmly that it is unable to analyze the situation the way it should be! An analysis and fixing to be appreciated not only by the Syrian nation, but American and NATO countries’ taxpayers…

Meanwhile, it is seriously on Assad not to give pretexts for intervention to outsiders. His administration should take practical steps at ending violence, releasing detained protesters, who are believed to be many in numbers. The government should, if necessary, order the withdrawal of, at least, some Syrian forces from civilian areas and, if possible, guarantee the right to peaceful demonstrations. Assad is often criticized for agreeing to such measures at first and later ignoring them. Losing the nation’s trust is the last thing he wants now.

There has been almost one year of programmed media propaganda, economic sanctions, political pressure and threats, UN and AL decrees, resolutions and sanctions against Syria, armed rebels and terrorism, and still no major protesting against the government and the president in Syria’s largest two cities of Damascus and Aleppo have happened, not to mention other cities. Sources say there is not yet a single Syrian ambassador or minister defection as one can remember was the case elsewhere. President Assad should value and count on this huge potential.

In the meantime, if the West and NATO member states are really after the Syrian nation’s ‘rights’, they, along with the AL regimes, should allow Damascus to implement the reforms it says it has on agenda, not immediately impose new economic sanctions and apply political pressure.

Having reviewed the recent developments, maybe Syria is really “victim of a campaign to distort facts” as its UN ambassador Bashar Ja’afari says.

It is the obligation of the international community to wake up to false reports and let the nation’s stage “Be through the will of people, not through the will of anyone else” as ja’afari argues.


Arash Zahedi is a Tehran-based political analyst and broadcaster. He is a frequent contributor to Press TV

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