Statement of the GS of the KKE Aleka Papariga on the recent political developments

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

We call on the workers to join the mass rally of the ΚΚΕ in Omonoia today. Tomorrow the whole country must be paralysed in the framework of the strike which has been announced. There is no other solution, we only have one choice: to frighten them, to impede them. We must do whatever we can through the escalation of our mobilizations, so that the loan agreement and the new memorandum will not be passed, so as to overthrow the government through the will, the activity and the organized intervention of the people. This will be a first step.

We do not restrict ourselves to this or subordinate everything to the ballot box. The important thing is for the people to realise through theirstruggle that the overthrow of a government is not sufficient. The bourgeois political system has reserves- the forces which appear today as anti-memorandum forces. Actually they are as hostile to the memorandum as ND was. What is important is to overthrow the class which is in power, because in that case you can talk not merely about a people’s government but about a people’s power. All the proposals concerning heroic and militant negotiations, which are being put forward today, do not lead anywhere but to a vicious circle. What is important is for the people to take into their hands the economy of the country namely the means of production, the monopolies, and the businesses. Any other solution would provide breathing space to the bourgeois political system.

It will be a break- actually a bitter period, without gains for the people and the important thing is for the people to have the last word. Starting from today, the alternative proposal against the current political line cannot be occasional and disjointed pro-people proposals but the worker’s and people’s power. Without the power of the people it is not possible to deal with the vicious circle of the crisis, of course together with the disengagement from the EU and the unilateral cancellation of the debt.

No more bargaining. Even if they write off 100 % of the debt, this will be paid for out of the pockets of the people, the people will return it with their sweat and toil and problems. There is no other solution. We would very much like an intermediate solution to exist, but from the moment it does not exist the solution must be radical.

They have chosen a couple of issues such as the 13th and 14th salary in order to mock the people. The alternative proposals they have are the following. To cut 5 or 6 salaries from the people during the year by abolishing collective bargaining agreements and the minimum wage, placing unbearable taxes on them and then say that they have not touched the 13th and 14th salary. And in this instance the salaries will be reduced. They are waiting for them to make these statements today.The people must show them that they are not naïve, that they cannot mock them. And this in itself is of great importance as a step forward.”

Question: The Prime Minister is preparing in a short while to publicise a list with what exactly will happen to the country if we return to the Drachma. Is there such a danger? Is it a danger?

“The EU is a predatory alliance. Despite the fact that they are allies regarding their support for the capitalist system, they are at the same time fierce rivals amongst themselves over who will benefit more from the crisis and who will benefit more from the recovery. These are measures which they can take amongst themselves, but the people must not be trapped in the rivalries of the EU member-states. And this will not only be decided on by Germany, others will also make the decisions. The people must not be trapped in these rivalries, they must overcome them, promoting their own alternative solution concerning the question of power. Otherwise it cannot be dealt with. And there will always be some fear and there will always be the goal of re-entering the Eurozone. Nothing could be worse than for the people to be afraid and to choose one of the two dilemmas which their exploiters place before them.

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