Down with the BBC!

Posted: May 14, 2022 in Uncategorized
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by New Worker correspondent

NCP LEADER Andy Brooks joined other Korean solidarity campaigners outside BBC headquarters in London last weekend to protest at the ongoing bias of the state-owned broadcaster.

The protest picket outside Broadcasting House, called by the Korean Friendship Association (KFA), highlighted “the continual ideological attack by the media representatives of world imperialism of which the BBC is part. This tax-payer funded entity has lied and distorted the truth for decades. It lied about the Iraq war, it lied about imperialism’s attack on Yugoslavia, it lied about Syria’s war against imperialist backed terrorists, it is lying about the situation in Ukraine. They cannot be trusted…simple as that”. KFA Chair Dermot Hudson said: “The BBC, which is known to progressive people as the British Brainwashing Corporation, has consistently lied about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Its coverage of the DPRK is one-sided and exaggerated to say the least. On several occasions BBC reporters have used tricks and subterfuges to enter the DPRK.

“The BBC has taken upon itself the role of a shock brigade in the propaganda war against People’s Korea. The BBC is a state broadcaster closely linked to British imperialism and US imperialism… what is disgusting is that not only does the BBC lie about People’s Korea, but it expects us to pay for its lies in the form of the BBC licence fee.” He concluded by saying: “We, the Korean Friendship Association of the UK, believe in defending People’s Korea with no ifs or buts

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