Show the way in 2013!

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

TIS the season to be jolly, or so we are told. But few will actually be decking the hall with holly these days. Most of us will be making the most of the festive season as best we can in these austere times. Parties, family get togethers, gifts and shows are all part of the escapism of the festive season. But the problems of our class — unemployment, poor housing and education, third rate medical treatment, back-breaking work and poverty line pensions won’t go away on New Year’s Day.

For millions of workers Christmas is a welcome break and a chance to put aside their cares for a few days and taste the good life the rich enjoy every day of the year. The bourgeoisie don’t have to worry about where the next meal is coming from or whether they’ll still have a roof over their heads in the days to come. That tiny minority of landowners, industrialists, speculators and parasites who make up the ruling class live like Roman emperors by living off the backs of working people. Every day is Christmas Day for the rich.

The bourgeoisie rejoiced when the traitors in the Kremlin destroyed the Soviet Union in 1990 taking the European people’s democracies down with them as they fell on their knees to grovel to the leaders of imperialism. They talked about a “new world order”. Their academic lackeys told us that the exploiters had won the Cold War and that history was dead. Their media gurus said we were all “middle class” and their politicians claimed that the era of boom and slump was over for good. Now they’re having second thoughts.

A wind of change has swept through Latin America leading to the election of progressive governments throughout most of the continent. The people of Cuba and Venezuela have closed ranks around their leaderships to defend their revolutions. Imperialist plans for the permanent occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan have been foiled by the resistance. China and the other people’s democracies in Asia are continuing to chart their own path towards socialism and Democratic Korean scientists have mastered the secrets of the atom to guarantee the DPRK’s defence and energy needs while their rockets reach for the stars.

Meanwhile the imperialist world sinks in a slump that began with the collapse of the housing bubble in the United States in 2007 that led to the imposition of draconian austerity programmes throughout the western world.

Working people now pay the bill for the capitalist crisis. The rich carry on unscathed. That’s no surprise. Their governments in America, Britain and the rest of the European Union exist solely to guarantee the continued existence of the ruling class and the system of exploitation that enables them to live their lives of luxury, ease and pleasure. But these days the bourgeoisie are beginning to look over their shoulder in apprehension at what the future will bring. They briefly lost control of the streets during the riots that rocked Britain last year while the public sector strike in November 2011, the biggest stoppage since the General Strike, demonstrated the potential power of organised labour in Britain.

Working class resistance is growing throughout the capitalist world. American workers are defending their right to organise while the mass movement that began in Greece has now spread throughout the European Union.

We know that the only way out of the crisis is socialism. All the bourgeoisie have to offer is the same old lies and the very real threat of open dictatorship. We can point to the experience of the Soviet Union in the past and the better life enjoyed by millions upon millions in the people’s democracies that exist around the world today. The bourgeoisie can only attempt to defend an oppressive and degenerate society racked by drugs, organised crime and an overall decadence that leads inevitably to events like the Newtown massacre that took place in the United States this week.

Workers want change but many don’t believe it’s attainable. We have to show it can be done by taking the communist alternative to the class again and building support for the cause of peace and socialism. Let’s do that in 2013!

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