Autumn statement = More child poverty

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

So more children will have to pay for Cameron and Osborne’s chums greed. Nice. 😦

From Barnardos

Barnardo’s say the poorest families will be pushed further into poverty in response to the autumn statement by the Chancellor today.

What did the autumn statement say?

Many working-age benefits will go up by 1% in April, which is lower than both the current rate of inflation and the rate experts predict for next year.


What does this mean for poor families?

The IFS predicted that the chancellor’s last benefits change in 2010, changing benefits to rise in line with CPI rather than RPI, would be the strongest factor driving 1 million more children will be in poverty by 2020. This latest statement only reinforces this sad fact.


Chief Executive Anne Marie Carrie said:

Yet again it is children from impoverished families who are unfairly suffering most under the government’s austerity measures. By effectively breaking the link between benefits and inflation in his Autumn Statement today, the Chancellor has ensured a bleaker and bleaker future for Britain’s poorest families.

Families most in need will not only lose out on as much as £140 next year and despair to see their benefits increase by a meagre 1% over three years, but the safety net for the poorest could be weakened forever if new legislation on uprating announced today goes ahead.

For the low income families in the UK who live on just £12 per person per day, this loss will be devastating. We know these households already have to choose between heating the house and buying school uniform. Any plans to bite further into their budgets risk tipping them into overwhelming poverty.

We know that children growing up in low income households are more likely to suffer from chronic illness, do less well in education and struggle to find work on leaving school.

Barnardo’s urges the government to help families climb their way up and out of the poverty trap by protecting their incomes and improving children’s life chances so that every child has the opportunity to realise their potential.”

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