Kick out the Tories!

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

by New Worker Correspondent

THOUSANDS of people demonstrated against the Tory-led coalition government as the Tory party conference kicked off in Birmingham on Sunday. The union-led protesters marched through the city centre and passed the security cordon around the ICC centre where Prime Minister David Cameron and his Tory mates were holding their convention.

And this week we’ve seen the usual display of ruling class hypocrisy, arrogance and indifference to the plight of the millions impoverished by their government’s austerity programme that we’ve come to expect from the Cameron government that is leading the ruling class offensive against workers, pensioners, the sick and the weak.

“It’s an economic delusion to think you can balance the budget only on the wallets of the rich” Chancellor George Osborne told conference on Monday as he announced another ten billion pound cut in benefits while David Cameron pandered to the Neanderthals by promising new “batter a burglar” legislation to give householders more powers against intruders.

The misnamed Tory “Trade Union Reform Group” held a fringe meeting to praise Frances Maude’s plan to cut trade union facility time in the civil service while Ann Widdecombe attracted a thousand delegates and hangers-on to her anti-gay marriage rally and Boris Johnson upped his bid for the leadership by entertaining delegates at Cameron’s expense though the Tory Mayor of London’s dream of toppling his leader can only happen if Cameron loses the next election.

Cameron tried to boost his standing with the Tory Euro-sceptics by bragging that he had vetoed a European Union treaty in Brussels that was lost amongst the usual Tory platitudes peppered throughout his mediocre opening address.

The next day he told the media that the UK was going through a “slow and difficult healing process” as it rebalances its economy while the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said it now expected the UK economy to shrink by 0.4 per cent this year. Cameron said that his government was doing “everything it can” to encourage growth in difficult economic times claiming that the Coalition had cut the budget deficit by a quarter in two years and there were “positive signs” for the future.

But the IMF believes that the prospects for the global economic recovery have weakened as government policies across the world have failed to restore confidence. The IMF has downgraded its overall estimate for global growth, with one of the biggest individual country downgrades applied to the UK.

All the Tories have to offer is the same again but worse. George “we’re all in this together” Osborne is targeting young workers with a plan to strip housing benefit from the under-25s — which the charity Shelter says would hit 385,000 households —and would force many young workers to continue to live with their parents or face life the streets.

Osborne is proposing new tax breaks for the rich and launching a new attack on workers’ basic rights such abolishing the right of new employees to sue for unfair dismissal in return for a handful of shares in the firm.

He then said austerity could last until 2018. which is probably an optimistic assessment, and hopefully we’ll have kicked them out by them. Cameron heads an unstable coalition whose Liberal Democrat allies will jump ship as soon as they think it will boost their flagging fortunes.

Labour is well ahead in the opinion polls but a Labour victory without a commitment to a working class agenda can only only to a repeat of the Blair and Brown era. The unions have set out a programme for social justice and the end of austerity.

It can only come if working people mobilise to set the agenda for Labour and kick the Tories and their Liberal Democrat collaborators out of office.

Mass support for the TUC’s national demonstration in London on 20th October will be a good start.

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