Compassionate Fascist Conservatism

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

From Diary of A Benefit Scrounger


Today, we are told that David Cameron will use his Leader’s Speech to Tory Conference to re-iterate his commitment to Compassionate Conservatism.

I am disgusted by this.

Here are some quotes :

“”My mission from the day I became leader was, yes, to show the Conservative Party is for everyone: North or South, black or white, straight or gay,” he will say.

“But above all to show that Conservative methods are not just the way we grow a strong economy, but the way we build a big society.”

“That Conservative methods are not just good for the strong and the successful but the best way to help the poor and the weak and the vulnerable.”

Mr Cameron will also remember his son Ivan, who had cerebral palsy and died in 2009 aged six. And he will pay tribute the work done by Paralympians – including swimmer Ellie Simmonds, whose gold medal he presented in September – in removing stigma from disability.

“When I used to push my son Ivan around in his wheelchair, I always thought that some people saw the wheelchair not the boy,” he will say. “Today, more people would see the boy and not the wheelchair – and that’s because of what happened here this summer.”

He will add: “Because it’s not enough to know our ideas are right. We’ve got to explain why they are compassionate too.”

Well, Mr Cameron, that sled faded into the snowy outreaches with the huskies and hoodies and disabled people you used to get your slice of power.

You used us Mr Cameron.

You said you understood, you said you valued our NHS, you said you would protect the vulnerable.

You lied. You lied like a cheap watch you disgusting, cruel, ignorant, uninformed, ideological prat.

Here is a list of your “compassion” – your incompetence I will leave for another day.

  • Halving Support for disabled children, 
  • Scrapping the “Youth Premium” that ensured independence for the most profoundly disabled children; 
  • Scrapping Crisis Loans; 
  • Cutting housing support for disabled people; 
  • Cutting council budgets so hard that they cannot provide social care to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities; 
  • Introducing PIP to replace DLA with the aim of cutting 500,000 vulnerable people from the figures without a single assessment; 
  • Introducing unlimited, unpaid work for those with significant illnesses or disabilities; 
  • Cutting all benefit support for sick and disabled people appealing their ESA decisions; 
  • Lying to the public about Work Capability Assessments and failing to make them fit for purpose while disabled people suffer and die; 
  • Encouraging hate crime by constantly feeding the media “scrounger” stories about the sick and disabled; 
  • Closing Remploy factories, throwing over 1500 working disabled people on the scrapheap; Exaggerating fraud rates and implying all sick and disabled people are “feckless, festering, stock”; 
  • Lying about the levels of disability benefit fraud repeatedly and feeding politicised press releases to the media; 
  • Turning neighbour on neighbour and fostering a climate of hate towards the sick and disabled; Forcing cancer patients to the jobcentre; 
  • Privatising our health service despite promises that you would protect it; 
  • Rationing access to NHS treatment; 
  • Cutting respite care despite promising you understood and would help; 
  • Suggesting in PIP that a sick or disabled person can “bathe” if they can wash above the waist only; 
  • Re-classifying paraplegics as “fully mobile” if they use their wheelchairs too well; 
  • Blocking improvement in Atos assessments; 
  • Lying about Workfare repeatedly to the press; 
  • Falsifying internet documents to make your workfare lies look like the truth.

And this is just disability!! You lying, dangerous, smug, uninformed piece of fluff.

So don’t you DARE Mr Cameron. Don’t you dare try to re-claim what you never had. Don’t you dare invoke the memory of your disabled child. Don’t you dare tell the country that because your Dad worked with a disability, everyone can. Don’t you dare tell me about your compassion, I see the effects of your “compassion” every day.

I see people found fit for work dying days after their assessments. I see the stories of profoundly disabled children left in their own filth, their parents wondering how on earth they will pay the rent or buy food. I see the desperate pain of carers simply unable to cope any longer under this onslaught of ignorance and cruelty. I see the stories of the many thousands reliant on food banks, the disabled people in wheelchairs begging on the street, the ex-servicemen who lost limbs defending OUR country told they aren’t entitled to any support in return, the vilification of those who suffer substance or alcohol abuse or mental illness, the hospices closing, the women’s refuges shut, the charities folding as you cut their funding.

Don’t you DARE tell me about Big Society Mr Cameron. Don’t you DARE.

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