A major rally of the KKE in Athens

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
“We do not want a government for the plutocracy, we struggle and vote for an other power.”


Thousands of workers, employees, youth, women, and families from the popular strata participated in a determined and militant fashion at the Pedion Areos, in the rally of the KKE, where the GS of the CC of the party, Aleka Papariga spoke. Thousands of people sent a message yesterday, together with the call of the party to the people to lend it even more strength, both if new elections are held, and also in the struggles, in the workplaces, neighbourhoods, universities and schools: “Hope is here. A strong KKE.”

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, mentioned amongst other things:

“Whatever government is now formed, we must be ready to wage war on it (…) They will form it in order to pass the scheduled measures- which amount to between 11.5 and 13.5 billion euros. They will attack the income and rights of the workers (…)

They want to ensure that the political line of the “EU one-way street” will continue in Greece, the political line which foists the burdens on the workers and paves the way for the recovery of capital’s profitability. The process of the mandates is even more revealing regarding the role SYRIZA will play in the renovation of the political system, in order to head off the current of radicalism and in the end to disarm the movement (…)

SYRIZA may have declared that it has no intention of cooperating with ND and PASOK, that their political line has been delegitimised, but it took the mandate and made a proposal of cooperation to all the parties, except for Golden Dawn. After each meeting, particularly with ND and PASOK, it stressed that it would not cooperate with them, even if these supported SYRIZA in principle, because it wants a left government, despite the fact that there are not enough seats for this (…)

The statement of SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises) that a coalition government with the anti-memorandum SYRIZA would help in the renegotiation which the governments and business groups in all the crisis-struck member-states desire is not accidental nor is it a provocation.

The slogan of a ND government or centre-right government or ND-PASOK on the one hand and on the other SYRIZA with some collaborations on the other is the new misleading dilemma for the people who need a political line of rupture and conflict and not renegotiation.


Change your vote!

We know ND and PASOK, they don’t change, however many disguises they wear. Don’t trust SYRIZA which misleads with easy solutions and the alleged aces up its sleeves. It wants to be both with the robber and the gendarme, with the EU and with the people. It has already watered down its positions. In the new election period, it will repeat loud and bright slogans so that it can forget them if it forms a government. Then it will be transformed into a lamb in relation to the EU and NATO (…)

We go against the current of false hopes. We will be vindicated much more quickly now, once again. The people’s anger must not be turned into disillusionment. The people have no need of today’s memoranda or other amended memoranda (…)

There are no painless solutions. The path of rupture, conflict, requires sacrifices, but these will lead to the people’s prosperity. The path of compromise proposed by other forces requires endless painful and pointless sacrifices, without a positive prospect for the people (…)

The only government which can meet the challenges of the crisis and the people’s needs is the one which will unilaterally cancel the debt, denounce and overthrow the Memorandum-Loan Agreement, disengage Greece from the EU and make the people the only master of the wealth which they create and which exists in Greece. These pre-conditions are not desired or proclaimed (even in their slogans and speeches) by any other party (..) Their goal is to reduce the strength of the KKE. They distort the goals of struggle and positions of the KKE.

The offensive against the KKE is being carried out because it refuses to be herded into a government for the management of the crisis at the expense of both the people and the productive and development potential of the country.

The KKE has the historic responsibility not to become the communist alibi for a government which before it has even been formed is certain not to improve the people’s living standards, or to free them from austerity and unemployment. The historic responsibility of the KKE stands against the historic irresponsibility of SYRIZA.

The youth and the workers in general who are suffering must correct the vote they gave to “Golden Dawn”, as they surely do not agree with their Nazi views.

If elections are held, change your vote. Strengthen the KKE in order to empower the people’s struggle, the people’s alliance, so that the struggle for the overthrow can be victorious.


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