Communiqué on the meeting of the Central Committee of the Syrian Communist Party

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The Central Committee of the Syrian Communist Party held its expanded meeting chaired by its general secretary comrade Ammar Bagdach on /25/ February /2012/. The meeting was attended by members of the central committee, the members of the supervisory committee of the party and regional committees secretaries not members of the central committee.

During the discussion of the political situation, the central committee stressed that the course of events in the world including the most important features of the developments in our region, its basic orientations are determined by the aggravating of the raging structural crisis in the capitalist world especially the main imperialist centers. This structural crisis deepened and escalated as a result of the sever periodic crisis took place during /2008 and 2009/.

In the United States, the government was forced to use the direct economic intervention methods, which were unusual long time ago in America. Such as direct nationalization of some huge monopolies, which are being abandoned for its temporary nationalization as far as restoring them to recover. The process of saving the huge monopolies at the expense of public funds led to tremendous increase of the United States public debt, thus deepen the structural crisis in America. The high costs that burdened the United States treasury as result of failed aggression wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have increased the depth of crisis and its manifestations.

The reality of the crisis in America push the ruling troop to seek to implement its aggression goals by the hand of others. This is what the world clearly has witnessed during the colonial invading of Libya.

In the European Union the features of crisis are more than in U.S. Besides the huge expenditures which the budget of these countries incurred them especially the basic ones in order to save the huge monopolies in various ways, starting from soft loans up to the partial nationalization ending with temporary complete nationalization. This process means saving of monopoly troops at the expense of the general public. There are additional burdens and costs came because level variation and different situations between the constituent states of this Union. The Nordic countries in general witnessing a state of depression after the crisis, but there are serious features of recovery in some countries and in many branches especially the productive ones.

There are countries in the south living situation of crisis leading to comprehensive bankruptcy , like Greece and countries standing on the brink of such situation like Spain, Portugal and as well as large extent Italy. Irland can be incorporated among these maximum complicated countries despite its disparate geographical position.

The anti-capitalism mass movement is rising in various countries of the world. This as a reaction of the toilers against the integrated policy followed by capitalist monopolies and the government they represent, regardless of its forms from conservatives to intermediate to social democracy, to transfer the full consequences of the crisis on the mass of the people. In this context, the full elimination is carrying out in the imperialist centers to what so called ( welfare state) which was founded during the flaming confrontation between the two camps socialist and imperialist. The process of steady reduction of all gains achieved by toilers through tens of years by their struggle is carrying out. This fact has led to increase crystallization of the various mass movements including the growing movement in the United States, as movements against capitalism in general, not for some of its manifestations, as was the character of most of them in the last two decades.

Currently, Greece comes out as the most arenas of confrontation between the forces of labor and the forces of capital. This country which has an average level of living according to capitalist standards before joining to the European Union, it has acceptable quality agriculture and distinct branches of light and medium industries. After joining to this imperialist Union it turned to a mere retainer to the main European economies by applying the liberal economic prescriptions, through which the agriculture and industry was shrunk and amplified in cancerous tourist and branches of services. Greece is flooded with foreign loans oriented to develop the non-productive infrastructure such as freeways, bridges along with blocking the growth of productive branches. All of these led to intensive structural distortion in the Greek economy. Therefore, the current crisis faced by Greece is not born in the moment, but as a cumulative result of liberal policy that were implemented by successive governments according to the directions of the European imperial center.

Currently, the Greek people realize the correctness of the firm stand of the Greek communist party, who strictly opposed to join the European Union and constantly demanded Greece to go out from this Union. This stand which was described as solid and showed that it is the only stand based on the intrinsic interests of the Greek people. It is important for the progressive and national forces in Syria to carefully study this experience in a country has historical developments circumstances similar to the conditions of our country. Currently Greek people are standing in front of the dilemma came by economic liberal policies and absolute impoverishment of people which resulted in the end. The going out from this dilemma is located outside the European Union and outside the reformist bourgeois prescriptions, but in the way of social progress in the framework of combat contradiction between labor and capital.

The central committee greeted the heroic struggle of the Greek working class against the attack of the European capital and its local representatives, this struggle which Greek communists who distinct by holding their principals, standing in its first ranks. International relations witness a continuous and growing strain in some regions in the world. There are contradictions between the traditional imperialist centers formed after the second world war, along with the growing and raging contradictions between these centers and what is called emerging countries like (BRICS) ie. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. All developments in Africa in the last period which many of them characterized as bloody and high hardness reflect in its essence these contradictions. The conflict is escalating in order to control the area around the Caspian Basin superrich oil and gas. Also the conflict is escalating in the eastern Mediterranean where the colonial plan which carried out the designation ( the new great middle east project) sets the aggression policy of imperialism and Zionism with the help of reactionary and subsidiary regimes in the region. The manifestations of contradictions become clear between some of the great countries to control the south – east Asian countries which are consider a distinct location to export capital, especially because of the cheap skilled labor in it, in addition to the low level of social protection of lack work.
U.S and NATO are trying to rein and destruct the strength of China and Russia, this what is reflected in the developments in central Asia as well as an attempt to surround Russia by the so-called U.S missile shield which its components distributed between many countries of Eastern Europe and Turkey. The ongoing focus of the strike forces of the U.S Navy is taking place in the pacific ocean on the outskirts of China’s strategic depth.

The current reality of capitalist crisis produces two contradictions, on one hand the aggressive trend of imperialist centers is increasing but in the same time the material base to launch great aggressive wars is shaky and shrinking now, in addition to the factors of the costs of sequences of the economic crisis, there are the moral and physical effects of the defeat of imperialism in Iraq and repeated failure in Afghanistan. However, many of the conflicts either take the front of armed confrontation or can be to become so, but some of the imperialist hacks reached to suicidal idea for the world, that all the fundamental solutions to the crisis lies in the third world war.

The Zionist and imperialist forces attack is escalating on the Arab world using the maximum forces and various extreme reactionary regimes. The priorities of imperial policy in the last years was to divert the way of mass revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia and empty them from their democratic and anti-imperialist content. In this framework on extensive cooperation took place with disguised religion reactionary forces, especially with Muslim Brotherhood movement in all its country manifestations. It is known that the British imperialism has distinct relation with this movement, as the representatives of British colony and its special circuits stood at the cradle of this movement after second world war based on the principle of president Harry Truman to face the national movement and rein «communist threats» in the Arab countries using religion forces. The representatives of imperialism have expressed the essence of this policy by the following saying:«in order to the exploitation of Arab oil quietly, we have to pay back Arab people towards religious fundamentalism».

The disguised religion reactionary forces reached to dominant positions in the Egyptian and Tunisian parliaments, and the generous Gulf finance played an important role in that, in addition to the weakness of leftist forces in these countries, and decomposed part of them by several ways during the dictatorship period contributed in that.

It is clear that the main task of the disguised religion reactionary forces lies in passing pro-imperialist policies and to mobilize the grass roots of these forces around this policy. From the socio-economic aspect, these movements are characterized by adopting the over-exaggerated economic liberal policy, reflecting the interests of business bourgeoisie which constitute an important pillar of these movements. Particularly in Egypt all the humiliating agreements with Zionist Israel have remained preserved, it has seen to the submission of the American guardianship as a postulate cannot be touched. Even more than that it is obvious that the efforts of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in close cooperation with the Gulf regimes, pay their counterparts in Palestine to adopt «moderate » attitudes and to gradually stay away from the anti-imperialist and Zionist forces in Arab world especially in Syria. However the ongoing struggle in Egypt and Tunisia will soon disappoint the expectations of disguised religion reactionary forces, and will be able to achieve a decent life for wider people.

The central committee seems the importance to give more light on the Libyan tragedy, regardless the ideological aspirations of the former Libyan regime and the practices of its former leader, Libya has able to achieve a higher level of living for its citizens in the entire African continent during the recent decades. This was achieved on the basis of vast Libyan underground resources without falling into cycle of loans. Despite all the concessions made by the former Libyan regime to the world imperialism during the first decade of this century, these forces decided to remove it based on the weakness resulting from these concessions. As the opinion of theorists of imperialism it is not allowed for any regime partially submissive to the imperialist will to stay, especially if it builds relations with the emerging world powers. In addition to that the desire of world imperialism especially the U.S imperialism to carry out morally compensate for the defeat in Iraq.

Particularly, the result of the Libyan tragedy was the loss of this Arab countries its national independence, and to be controlled by mixture of traitors, gangsters and extreme terrorists implementing the will of the imperialist centers and Zionist Arab reactionary regimes (Qatar). Also a campaign of killing and torturing was launched, it has brutal nature without any features based on any law or rule except sometimes the rule of organized crime law, and random in most cases. All these with the blessing of the imperialist countries, who show their selves as the first supporter to human rights in countries not far from Libya.

The developments of events in the region confirms what Syrian communist party said about the danger of illusions about Arab reactionary regimes and the possibility of differentiate them from imperialism, these regimes are organically linked to imperialism that ensure its survival. As well as the firm bonds which formed through the Gulf investments in the European American monopoly capital. In addition to its role in diversion the way of Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions. Arab reactionary plays a vital role in suppressing the uprising in Bahrain and the responsibility of the process of changing masks Yemen authority witnessed, despite all the aspirations of uprising masses.

Reactionaries are competing in the Gulf who will be the best performer of the imperial plan to topple the national regime in Syria and their great support to the forces of insurrection and terrorism in it. All the evidences show the importance of the concert of the national struggle against Zionism and imperialism with strict non-conciliatory stand against the reactionary regimes which absolutely is subsidiary to imperialism.

The central committee seems the exit of the armies of U.S occupation of Iraq is an important victory for the Arab national liberation movement, which came as a result of heroic struggle and the enormous sacrifices of the brotherly Iraqi people. The central committee sent fraternal greetings to Iraqi frees wish them further successes in stabilizing the national independence and the consolidation of the factors of Iraqi territorial integrity that comes in the forefront of them the respect of all citizens rights and ensure a decent life for them, and reject the attempts to inflame the differences based on the discrimination of national and sectarian affiliation. The deep-rooted Iraqi people who are known with his enormous sacrifices, deserve a better life.

The situation in Syria took more concern from the central committee. Where the central committee seems that all attempts which planned by imperialist circles and Arab reactionary to topple the national regime through vast uprising have failed. This failure came as a result of the majority of masses of the Syrian people did not drag behind the reactionary incitement. The central committee explained that the grass root of the reactionary movement can be much narrower if economic liberal directions and policies which led to the destabilization the main branches of national production and the impoverishment and marginalization of many producers, in addition to the reckless and corrupted actions of administrators in some provinces that led to an increase of discontent of the masses. All these factors created a fertile ground to the work of reactionary forces linked with imperialism and its Arab regimes. So the Syrian communist party confirmed and confirms the need to treat the deep causes of crisis which come in the forefront of it the complete abandonment of economic liberal policy. Also the party since the beginning of the events called for distinguish between the demonstrators and protestors who expressed their views peacefully and the subversive terrorist forces, proposing the saying:«opinion faces by opinion, the subversive and terrorist action faces by the rule of law».

After the failure of the attempts to overthrow the regime through uprising, the reactionary forces moved to the direct action to escalate the subversive and terrorist actions. It was going to hit the important service and economic establishments such as: doing several explosions on railways and bridges, burning factories including private sector establishments, blowing oil pipelines and gas and control gas stations in some areas. A campaign launched for specific assassinations aimed at high quality experts and specialists including a high qualified military cadres like warlord pilots.

The whole of these operations cannot be configured only as a service for the external enemy, whatever the claims of its perpetrators, if external aggression launches on Syria by Zionist Israel or others, their objectives will be the same.

Besides that, attempts have been fueling to inflame the various trends through killing and random kidnapping operations, regardless the political stands of the victims, but based on unwilled affiliation. The direct terrorist operations accompanied by operations of criminal nature such as kidnapping for ransom and looting of properties which in many cases end up killing the victims.

Also the reactionary forces tried through creating armed formations carried multiple names, which its main support consist of the followers of the disguised religion reactionary forces, occupation the whole regions in some provinces to create a bridge head for the direct foreign military intervention, the strict confrontation to such dangerous attempts is going on.

The wave of escalating of subversive actions and internal terrorism accompanied with a fierce campaign on the Arab arena and the international arena against the Syrian national steadfastness using all methods of extortion and defamation and media and psychological wars. The Arab league appeared during this phase as it was wanted at its founding to be faithful to the will of the colonists, but in many cases more than them to the implementation of their goals. In this context, the suspension of Syria membership in the Arab league came, then adopting projects and actions directly affect and upset the Syrian sovereignty, reaching to submit a draft resolution to U.N.Security Council which will desecrate Syria if it is implemented. The main objective of this international movement of Arab league – by incitement of Saudia and Qatar- is seeking to give legitimacy and Arab cover to the aggressive actions against Syria reaching to direct military invasion.

In the conference which held in Tunisia at the end of February which brought together the most prominent enemies of Syria, the Arab reactionary fossil- ie. The Wahhabi Saudi regime- to provide frank military support to the rebels in Syria. Any legitimacy the reactionary regimes made with cooperation and complete solidarity with Turkey to support subversive and terrorist forces and insurrection in Syria.

After the failure to pass appropriate resolution of security council to give international order cover to the subversive and invasion acts against Syria.
Russia and China have faced the two projects submitted against Syria in the security council using the veto which gave a strong support to the Syrian national steadfastness. The central committee sends greetings and gratitude to all nations , people and political –social forces that declare their solidarity with the fair struggle of Syria.

With its emphasis on the importance of confrontation to the subversive, terrorist and aggressive actions, the central committee emphasize also to the need of commitment to the rule of law and respect the dignity of citizens, also the central committee emphasize on what the Syrian communist party proposed and is proposing that the effective and long-term treatment of the crisis, requires the adoption of integrated social economic policy, preserve and develop the national production, and the living and social needs of the masses of people. Such a policy cannot be effective without the complete abandonment of economic and liberal measures. The central committee seems that, unfortunately the government did not follow such way. One of the steps that show this is the insistence of government to open the areas of electricity and ground telecommunications in front of private capital, implementing the orientations which adopted by the previous government by its reckless economic liberal approach, such steps not only carry the economic damage, but also carry a damage related to national security, it is not allowed to enter the private capital even the local ones to such sensitive sectors especially in the circumstances of confrontation which Syria passes in. Maybe this insistence on such orientation its main pillar lies in the compensation to some representatives of new bourgeoisie for their losses resulted from the crisis, without any thinking for the losses that the whole people endured them.

The central committee seems that serious steps did not take to rein the manifestations of rampant high prices basically resulting from the inflationary budget of the state and from the whole administrative economic measures. It also up to now the effectness of the taken measures did not appear to the decline in the local currency.

The central committee praised on the report which submitted by the Syrian communist party to the central leadership of the national progressive front about the economic situation and the most important ways to treat it. This report focuses on the ways that meet the interests of producers, including the social interests in the fields of health and education as well as ensuring decent level of living for them.

The central committee stopped at the draft constitution which presents to referendum, after prepared by a committee composed of /28/ persons, our party and many of the parties in the country were not participated in this committee, also no one of the parliament which is the main legislative power in the country was not engaged in this committee. The central committee seems that it was better to put the draft constitution to the general debate in the country as well as at the level of political parties, popular and professional organizations and according to that forward for discussion and revision in the parliament and then put for referendum, as it was the case when adoption the constitution of the year/1973/ which was distinct especially in the principals of social justice which proclaimed in it, in addition to the democratic freedoms which dictated in it, regardless the level of its applying during the four decades since its adoption.
The central committee seems that the most important positive aspect is characterized by the draft constitution /2012/ is maintaining the frank stand which is against the colony and Zionism as stated in the introduction of the draft constitution. Besides that the draft of the new constitution kept on the all democratic freedoms which dictated in the old constitution such as freedom of belief and the right to participate in political, economic, social and cultural life, and the inviolability of private life of citizens and other main rights. With all these positives there are articles and paragraphs in the field of public freedoms and political activity can be considered as clear retroactive character. As in the case of paragraph /4/ of the article /8/ in the new draft of constitution which states that « it is not allowed to engage any political activity or form parties or political groups on the basis of ………, class, professional» it is clear from this text that it is directed against any political activity on the basis of class and also can be used for restricting the class parties.

The Syrian communist party confirms its opposition to the article /3/ of the new draft of constitution, as it opposed its counterpart in the constitution in the year /1973/ because it contain a breach of the equality of all citizens in front of law. Note that the wording in this article in the new draft of constitution inconsistent with the principle of secular state, compared with its counterpart in the constitution in the year /1973/.

Further note the absence of clarity of the social and economic principals in the new draft of constitution as they were in the old constitution. If the constitution in the year /1973/ frankly stated that the economy in the state aims at eliminate all forms of exploitation and stress on the importance of economic planning ( paragraph 1 and 2 of the article /13/ in the constitution in the year /1973/). The counterpart article in the new draft of constitution is unclear as it stated in its first paragraph which states:«the national economy is based on the developments of public and private economic activity through social and economic plans aim at increasing the national income, develop the production, raise the living level of citizens and increase employment».

The second paragraph of the same article states that :«the economic policy of state aims at meet the main needs of individuals and society through fulfill the economic growth», this text is similar to economic prescriptions recommended by the known international institutions.

There are a serious decline in the field of social gains, as an example, as the article /37/ of the constitution in the year /1973/ clearly stated that:«education is a right guaranteed by the state and is free at all levels». The article /29/of the new draft of constitution states :«education is a right guaranteed by the state and is free at all levels, and the law regulates the cases where the education is paid at universities and government institutions». From this text it is clear that there are decline in the principle of free comprehensive education. The same thing with respect for the state role in the protection of working conditions. Also the concept of public ownership is more clear in the constitution in the year /1973/.
The term «socialism» is completely absent from the new draft of constitution, if this was true with respect to characterization of the previous stage of the development of the country or description of the current situation, but eliminating the social target of society development is consider as a backward step.

With respect to authorities localization and institutions role, the draft constitution kept the dominant role of the executive authority, but also expand its dominance in many cases at the expense of legislative authority. Now it is possible constitutionally to issue legislative decrees during the session of parliament ( article 113). In addition, the power of parliament reduced including confirmation its texture for the benefit of the supreme constitutional court which can cancel the membership of the elected parliament member. This is a serious backward step comparing with the constitution in the year /1973/ which its article /62/stated:«the parliament decides for case of contest of membership legitimacy of its member according the investigations conducted by supreme constitutional court, the membership of a member does not invalidate only if the majority of the parliament decide that», while the article /66/ in the new draft of constitution states the following: 1- the supreme constitutional court give to look in the contests related to parliament member elections.
2- «the contests submitted by the candidate within three days starting from the date of announcement of results, the court decides for these contests with ratified verdicts within seven days from the date of expiration of contests».

It is clear that the new text has a serious breach in the democratic principles as it puts the destiny of elected people representatives in the hand of a court all its members are appointed by the executive authority.

Despite all these remarks, according to the difficult conditions experienced by the country in the raging battle with the reactionary imperialist forces, and the need to impact the national front against the enemies of the homeland. The central committee decided to ask all party comrades and friends to participate in the referendum on the new constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic with the emphasis on conservative attitude in general.

The central committee also discussed the results of local administration elections and the performance of party organization in them. The central committee seems that the performance of comrades and organizations was in general good, within the difficult conditions. The party was represented by /119/ comrades in all levels of the boards in all provinces. This is a positive factor confirm the deep root of the party all over the country.

The party shows its regret that the some look to the developments as they lead to the abandonment of the experienced alliance between the progressive national forces in the country. This alliance which we believe that the country needs it in the circumstances of the raging national battle.

The meeting decided to expand the party supervisory committee according to the provisions of the rules of procedure and the decision of the 11th conference of the party and the demand of the supervisory committee itself.

The meeting listen to a telling about the work of central bodies and offices. Also the meeting praised on the international activity of the party especially in the framework of international communist movement which issued a strong solidarity statement with the Syrian national steadfastness. Also the meeting praised on the party media in the national battle and the media efforts made in the international arena for the delivery the party stands and explaining the important dimensions of the anti-imperialism struggle which Syria is carrying on.

Thus the central committee ended its expanded meeting.

Damascus /25/ February /2012/.

Central committee of the Syrian communist party.

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