Syrian rebels must disarm

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

MUSLIM Brotherhood fanatics and their Al Qaida allies have launched a new wave of terror in Syria, following the routing of the rebel “Free Syrian Army” by government forces last week.

Hundreds of civilians have been killed or injured by car bombs planted in Damascus and Aleppo as the reactionary forces in the pay of imperialism step up their campaign for western intervention in advance of free elections under the new constitution.

Meanwhile the Syrians have told UN envoy Kofi Annan that they were “keen to end violence” but they are insisting that the armed opposition militias give up their weapons first. Syria has asked Annan “to provide guarantees to the Syrian government that the armed groups will cease all armed aggressions and give up their weapons to the dedicated authorities in exchange of a full pardon.”


This, they say, is needed because of “the lessons” they learned dealing with Arab League monitors.

When the League monitors were in Syria last year Syrian troops did withdraw from cities and other urban areas the rebels moved in quickly to spread their violence and the army and police had to speedily return.

One sectarian Sunni Muslim militia has already claimed credit for the two terrorist bombings that rocked the Syrian capital last weekend. Twenty four people were killed and 140 wounded on Saturday when car bombs exploded in the heart of Damascus, while the rebels claim that at least 50 Syrian troops were killed in a two-hour gun-battle on the outskirts of the city.

Russia and People’s China are striving to end the crisis through mediation. This week they both supported UN Security Council endorsement of the proposals coming from Annan’s mission, which is also has the backing of the Arab League.


But US-led imperialism is continuing to pile the economic pressure on Syria while stepping up its hate campaign against the Syrian government. Now they’ve been spreading rumours that Russian special forces had landed in Tarsus to beef up Syrian security efforts — a claim dismissed by Russia as “baseless and untrue”.

More credibility is attached to Wikileak reports that a US government-contracted private security firm is helping the Syrian opposition to overthrow the Bashar al-Assad government. According to correspondence released by the whistle-blowing news agency a private military company, SCG International, had been contracted to engage the Turkey-based Syrian opposition.

SCG Chief Executive is James F Smith, who used to be director of the notorious Blackwater company, now known as Academi, which supplied mercenaries to assist the American occupation army in Iraq and Afghanistan and has close relations with the CIA.

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