A step toward a political solution for the crisis

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

by the Syrian Communist Party (unified)

Arab as well as international initiatives have recently increased; so have the visits of envoys from several places to Damascus aiming to find a solution for the Syrian crisis. The common things, if there is any among all these efforts is the bankruptcy of all the attempts which focused only on the armed military intervention in the Syrian affairs. Besides, many circles have got convinced that the only way out of the crisis is through a political solution. This convection has not come from nothing, nor is it a signification of love for Syria only, but it is the consequence of the fall down of the illusions spread by the America – European – Turkish and Gulf coalition for the purpose of persuading the world with the claims about the alleged powers of their followers inside Syrian, on one hand, and the miscalculations as regards the power and steadfastness of Syria and its people, who united themselves to defend their homeland and resist any imperialist intervention. Excluded from this unity are the powers which sacrificed their honor and dignity and assumed the only role of inviting foreign intervention to destroy their homeland and people.

The wagers on isolating Syria and distance it from its historical friends such as Russia, China and others, who took the noblest stances in defending Syria, concretizing the solid, disinterested and straight forward bases on which international relations should be built, those wagers have failed. Consequently Syria is capable of confronting those whose heads are stuffed with illusions about a world that can only be a farm of theirs.

Furthermore, the violence practiced specially by armed groups acting as death squads and saboteurs have reached dead ends, because such an activity like this is a materialization of hopelessness, and was the reason leading some armed confrontation. Here it is noteworthy to state that, the disproportionate and excessive use of force and security irregularities whose price has been paid by many innocent persons have had a negative effect and resulted in the creation of an environment of discontent among wide circles of people.

The latest peaceful efforts including the Chinese initiative and Kofe Anan’s mission have appeared in a climate dominated by the new atmosphere. They could be considered a poor indication a change towards the rise in the weight of peaceful efforts. Regardless of the convulsions controlling the behavior of those whose interests are being badly affected by finding a solution for the crisis, both internally and on the Arab level, the joint meeting of the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, and the Arab foreign ministers held in Cairo reached a five- point settlement calling for putting an end to violence regardless of its source, setting up a neutral and independent monitoring mechanism, the exclusion of a foreign intervention, supporting Kofe Anan’s mission to start a political dialogue between the government and all the opposition forces.

This agreement which can be considered something like a declaration of principles of a political solution was received by the Syrian people with ease accompanied by some caution. On one hand, it includes two basic principles demanded by the faithful forces of this people, namely, to put an end to violence regardless of its source. This should imlify the resort to rationalism instead of the weaponry. On the other hand, it urges the Syrian government and the opposition forces to start a political dialogue. The reassertion of these two principals, we believe, means a recognition of the Syrian sovereignty all over Syrian territory, the negation of all forms of foreign intervention, to put an end to bloodshed everywhere in Syria and to take seats around a dialogue table, as we have frequently called for, because this table is the only place to formulate the new future of Syria, and to help it move into the democratic and pluralistic society.

This accord is an indication of the triumph of the idea of a political solution which contradicts with all extremist slogans regardless of where they come from and whether they have to do with those who believe only in the security solution as the only way out of this crisis, or those who have lost all feelings of political realism and wait NATO planes to destroy their homeland, people and civilization.

Of course, things are not so easy and smooth, specially because the five item agreement has not been completely received with ease by Saudi and Qatar rulers, who resort to a variety of means to cause its failure.

It is almost certain that some armed groups, whose weaponry are smuggled across borders, who have millions of dollars put at their deposal and who benefit from the aid rendered to them by foreign mercenaries and officers would not be pleased by reaching a peaceful political solution, that is why right from the very beginning they have started yelling and screaming condemning the agreement.

But above everything, the five-point agreement leaves the door open for a variety of interpretation and modifications, as regards the mechanism needed to implement and which should wait Kofi Anan to put their foundations and implement their with the agreement of all parties, this means that the real issue is the implementation and the availability of a good will to accomplish that mission.

The Syrian people, we believe, are greatly interested in the restoration of security and stability in everywhere in Syria, to exclude foreign intervention, to continue the Syrian resistance against the America – Israeli plan – the plan of the grand middle east, whose features are apparent and clear to every eye.

Also, our people are really interested in having the laws of reform and change applied, having everything that need of change changed, and to have the new constitution transformed into new laws.

Further, our people have started moaning under the burden of the unjustified economic sanctions and their impact on their daily lives. They also suffer from the practices of the new war-time merchant and wealthy persons, who, in collaboration with their partners in the gulf states and emirates, drastically undervalue the exchange rate of the Syrian pound. It has become a national duty to confront the deeds of this groups, because they are no more than an extension of the corruption in front of which the state stood helpless and powerless in the past. In fact some corrupt groups colluded with officials in the state and some of apparatuses .

Anyhow, the confidence between the people and the government and the national opposition forces. Has to be regained all that requires the creation of the climate necessary for that, the restoration of confidence has become a vital factor for the success of the five-point accord.

The most important things to be done for the time being are to release, as soon as possible, innocent detainees whose hands have not been polluted by the blood of Syrian citizens, and have not committed any sabotage acts, on one hand, and to implement the articles of the constitution related to the conditions detention and condition governing it.

Damascus: 13/3/2012


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