The Political Report Adopted by the Political Bureau of the Syrian Communist Party (the Unified) in its Session on February 22,2012

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Dear Comrades:

The Syrian crisis is getting more complicated and developing into different and dangerous directions, now that the limits of this crisis have gone beyond the geographical boundaries of Syria and assumed a regional as well as international dimension. This might be one of the reasons of aggravating the crisis , thought it might be, at the very same time, one of the factors driving to find a settlement once suitable circumstances are available. The internal reasons of the crisis, which played a vital role in the birth of the crisis and paved the way of the foreign intervention, and which should be the considered vital for its becoming more dangerously explosive or for reaching a settlement, are based on two principal points, namely, security and political environment.
As far as security is concerned, one might say, without discussing the details, that an explosive situation prevails in four governates, and most of all in Homs, which is the most dangerous because of its geographical position bordering the Lebanese territories, which are considered the passage for foreign aid provided to armed groups on one hand, and the number of innocent civilian casualties. Here one might say that should the military effort be looked at the from the perspective of trying to paralyze the armed groups, it would be possible to understand it as an attempt made by the state to restore control on its territory. Still this is achievable without the use of excessive force in the suburbs of Homs. The consequences of this is the loss of a large number of innocent people, the demolition of houses and buildings, and the creation of humanitarian tragedies which could have been avoided in the past and could be saved now. It is impermissible to allow the situation in Homs to continue on both the humanitarian and political levels. There should be an approach leading to exerting civilian, popular and official efforts aiming to neutralize the city, to relieve it from the unjustifiable security transgression that are not needed for combating terrorists and armed groups. The people of Homs, its institutions, political powers, and dignitaries should work hand in hand to safeguard the security of the city, to supply what is necessary to meet its humanitarian needs and help it restore normalcy.
This should include laying down illegal weapons and having them handed over to the state, the withdrawal of the army as well as armed personnel from the city and its neighborhoods, the release from prisons of innocent people, to provide medical help for wounded persons, the reconstruction of demolished houses and buildings and to instantly start popular reconciliation, help spread tolerance and confront all the ethnic sensitivities and grievances.
With a settlement based on the above-mentioned content, it is possible to begin handling the intense situation in Edlep also. We believe that popular as well as official committees should join efforts. Representatives of the peaceful opposition should take part in these efforts to receive the weapon handed over by illegal armed groups in exchange for the withdrawal of military forces deployed in residential areas, to regain the role of the state institutions as well as the dignity of the state, to adopt the required procedures whatsoever they might be to prevent supplies across the Turkish borders from infiltrating, and finally help this governate restore normal life.
Different areas of our country have been witnessing activities ranging from peaceful and un provocative demonstrations that never constitute a danger for the security of the state and should accordingly be dealt with peacefully, provocative features aiming to increasing tension, and finally to plundering operations aiming to devastate public institutions, carry out assassinations, kidnapping, looting and blocking out high ways. These acts should be confronted and stopped. Any reading of the general security situation indicates that armed groups no longer have the initiative. Instead, the state is gradually restoring its role. It is necessary here to emphasize that it is possible to do away with all tense situations, however different they are only through a general peaceful settlement that isolates armed groups, respects the right of the peaceful patriotic opposition to practice political work legally.
On the political level, no progress has been achieved as far as national dialogue is concerned regardless of the exerted efforts in which we took part; Basically, the reason of this failure has to do with the fear of the patriotic opposition that the local Syrian National Council, which rejects any initiative for dialogue before the regime is being toppled down and considers any party accepting dialogue traitor.
At the same time, the two main opposition parties suffer from internal contradictions as regards foreign intervention. The stances adopted by the Coordination Committee are generally acceptable. However it is not acceptable when such a committee agrees to start dialogue with all the world, including enemy imperialist countries and refuses any dialogue with the state, regardless of the justifications.
However, it is needless to lose hope to start dialogue. Besides, we believe that it is the duty of the state to offer more initiatives to facilitate the beginning of this dialogue.
What is encouraging in this regard is that there are considerable sectors of hard-line opposition which began to feel hopeless due to the their failure to topple the regime or invite foreign intervention. The following facts prove the failure of the imperialist campaign against Syria and the collapse of their projects:
1. The recession of the Turkish stance from a call for military intervention to a demand that the intervention be covered by a UN Security Council resolution, or that the intervention come from Cyprus or via the sea.

2. U.S. lack of enthusiasm was expressed by a statement made by CIA directors describing intervention as difficult now that a new element has appeared, namely Al-Qaeda.

3. The failure to have a resolution passed by U.N. Security Council, thanks to the Russian and Chinese veto.

4. The relentless Russian stance which considers the security of Syria as an integral part of Russian security. Besides, a new political map of the world is being drawn and that Russia, Chine, Iran and other countries are making the core of a new world power parallel to the western camp. All members states of this group support Syria.

5. The Iranian multilateral support to Syria.
6. The world economic crisis which increases the burden on the shoulders of the world capitalist system.

7. The weakening stance of some Arab groups, for example, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon …etc. Besides, there is a change in the Arab popular mode and an attempt to start understanding the crisis.

8. The fear of western powers that Israel might become the biggest victim of any military operation against Syria.

9. The firm national stance taken by Syria, and the absence of any symptom suggesting that Syria might make any concession in politics in return for weakening the internal pressure.

This does not rule out the possibility that western powers, particularly France, which dreams of restoring their influence in the region through transgressing the Security Council in different ways, including the moral exploitation of the U.N General Assembly resolution, the resort to Human Rights Council , the international Criminal Tribune and holding propaganda and provocation conference such as the so-called Friends Syria Conference in an attempt to pave the way for a military operation by Nato not authorized by the Security Council. It will be very stupid and failing adventure in case such an operation happens; though such a possibility cannot be ignored and is a speculation for some in the area.
Anyhow, it is more probable that the impossibility to carry out such a stupidity would make the international coalition against Syria try to perpetuate the status quo, i.e. to perpetuate the continuity of internal bleeding, the intensification of supplies of armed groups with weaponry, money and personnel, to enhance the media campaigns and to continue political as well as economies pressures. Having tried, many times to draw attention to these dangers, we demand that political, social and economic reforms be accelerated, that quicker and stronger steps be taken towards dialogue, political settlement and the satisfaction of the needs of the popular movement and toiling masses; to be prepared to defend our homeland against any foreign intervention, regardless of its name.
The constitution:
The party made a statement which was widely distributed, on one hand, and was published by “Al-Nour” in its last issue, the statement called for voting “yes” for the constitution as a whole. Our stance as regards the new constitution stems from a belief that, should it be adopted and implemented correctly, it would usher in an historical and important stage in the life of our country, because it would help it move from the state of one party and one leader to a new stage called the stage of the pluralist and democratic society. Such a movement cannot be under estimated nor belittled, as some would like to do. The constitution lays the judicial basis which might continue for decades. The gaps and shortcomings would make, once adopted, incompatible to the level of the supposed transformation . Needless to say that those were the demands of the popular movements in our country.
However, it should be stated beforehand that the implementation of the constitution, specially as regards what is related to the nature of the pluralistic regime, the title of the constitution, would not be an easy job. Inside the regime there are those who would not be pleased, there are others who have got accustomed to certain types of political thinking and types governing, who would find it difficult to back down. Therefore the response to this action should be positive. It should be taken as a basis for adopting several laws. Thus it would be practically possible to block the road of the enemies of Syria who live abroad and launch a campaign against the constitution before reading it.
The dangerous situation in which our country is living makes us highlight the basic points made public by our party from the time the crisis has broken out until now:
1. To defend our homeland against any foreign intervention regardless of its name and justification, and to consider this mission as the fundamental circle and a compass guiding our political stances.

2. To restore security, stability and tranquility for citizens; through putting an end to devastation, sabotage murder and terrorism against citizens, public and private installations.

3. The emphasis that a political solution should be based on dialogue with all patriotic powers, which raise the following (no’s); no to foreign intervention; to violence, and sectarianism and ethnic orientations, on one hand and, to persist political dialogue with their powers, on the other.

4. To put an end to all security irregularities, to avoid hurting innocent civilians and to pay attention to the humanitarian and living conditions in areas where tension prevails.

5. To take all measures necessary for regaining the confidence of citizens, through releasing political prisons and detainees holding those who committed security transgressions accountable, and to make public the findings of the committee formed to investigate out law deeds, and to punish those who committed them severely.

6. To quicken the steps taken for the purpose of declaring an all embracing national reconciliation, spread the spirit of tolerance and forgiveness and to remove all the remains of the sorrowful fighting which took place in those areas.

7. – To have the articles of the constitution instantly implemented in letter and spirit once it has been adopted and to continue applying reforms in every field.

8. – To take to take all measures necessary for putting an end to the chaos in prices, to use an iron fist against “war merchants” who exploit the current circumstances to achieve narrow material gains at the expense of citizens.

9. – To strengthen the militancy of the party, widen its contacts with the masses as well as all patriotic forces and parties, whether they be old or new under the motto “Homeland is First”.

The Politbureau
Of the Syrian Communist Party (the Unified)
Damascus 22-2-2012

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