Storm clouds over the Gulf

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

WHATEVER the state of the economy there’s always money for another war.

And that war looks increasing likely to begin with an attack on Iran in the summer. The Islamic Republic has long been an obstacle to imperialist hegemony in the Middle East and Iran’s legitimate development of a nuclear programme is just an excuse to mobilise public opinion for another war in the oil-rich region.

The imperialists, together with their reactionary Muslim Brotherhood allies, are taking Iran’s ally, Syria, to the brink of civil war while the “human rights” gang are circling like vultures to prepare the climate of aggression for more open Nato intervention.

The anti-war movement must take a firm stand and mobilise the labour movement against any more wars of aggression. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people lost their lives when the imperialists brought death and destruction to the republics of the Yugoslav federation, Iraq and Libya. They all died in the name of the “human rights” the imperialists claim to uphold when they want to take over another country. Let’s make sure they don’t get away with it in Syria or Iran.

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