Dialogue.. is it impossible

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ever since events erupted in last March, there have been tow sounds in the sky of our homeland, one is the sound of bullets and other is the voice of wisdom, dialogue and rationalism.
Bullets have done their job. Irresponsible hands have managed to destabilize the country, horrify citizens and deprive them of one of the things they have so far cherished most… security, and to sabotage the economic and services plants built by thousands of Syrians tens of years ago.
Bloody bullets, accompanied by incitement, provocations and infuriation through verdicts of ignorance and witchcraft have revealed to what extent the powers of darkness have succeed in corrupting the minds of our young people during the last five decades. With absolute freedom, those powers worked, travelled and conspired, whereas the apparatuses of the state, practiced restrictions against unlighted and secular thinkers.

 This sabotage has been able to deprive their minds of sunlight, norich the hatred of others in their spirits and help aggressive instincts to break all restraints. The brutal events which took place in many areas in Syria have made it an urgent priority to restructure the minds of our youth. Such a job could be achieved only by democratic and secular forces which have to unite their efforts to help cure young people of intellectual pollution.
Some people might say- in fact they have really said- that force is the only means capable of making minds restore their real status. Experiences have recently told us that mere forces not accompanied by persistence, political activity and political solutions, might only increase the complications and tragedies whose affects will be impossible to remove in the short term.
The solution in Syria has become greatly complicated, violence has turned into a daily practice. The Syrian crisis has become regional and international. Powers of darkness as well as armed groups have increased in number and in activity. They almost have the initiative, regardless of their differences in ideology, doctrine, social orientation and loyalties. Opposition groups have managed to derail the protest movements which were peaceful at first and to usher them into the circle of armed action.
The consequences of their transformation are dangerous if not catastrophic for our country. This necessitates that all patriotic, nationalist, leftwing , democratic and secular forces unite their efforts to find a solution for the crisis of our homeland on the basis of a political solution that can put Syria on the verge of becoming a democratic as well as pluralistic society under the sovereignty of law. The road leading to this solution is dialogue and through it only. Only dialogue helps us achieve this goal.
So far, several attempts have been made to initiate dialogue among those forces. It is possible to say that ice has been thawed as regards the relations among these forces. Still, so many are the obstacles that prevent these forces from reaching to political solutions leading to an historical settlement between all the parties interested in achieving progress, democracy and safe guarding the national course of our country.

The resumption of the attempts to reach a political solution demands that all parties walk out of the circle of betting on the power of armed groups which is nothing but a consequence of the absence of chances for a political solution besides foreign intervention. It also demands the cessation of imposing conditions for dialogue, expect for dialogue itself. The belief in the capacity to find solutions for their intricate and complex situation without dialogue is mistaken and could only lead to be imprisoned in a closed circle. Once dialogue has started, new horizons for deep-rooted solutions will be opened and many obstacles will be remove. The achievement of all the goals mentioned above requires that all parties to dialogue enjoy a certain degree of political realism substantiation a deep understanding of the political balance of forces. It should never disregard the activities of armed groups which refuse and have no interest in finding a solution. Those groups have loyalties to foreign imperialist circles which provide them with money, weapons, personnel and mass media. They call for foreign imperialist-American and European- as well as reactionary Arab intervention for the purpose of destroying and dividing Syria. The battle is not against the regime only, as they claim, it is battle to erase Syria and have it turned into another Libya. Such a mission is not achievable even if all imperialist forces in the world have joined forces to have it achieve.

Syrian Communist Party – Unified


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