A statement by the Syrian Communist Party- Unified

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dear Syrian Countrymen!

On Friday, February-10-2012, brutal as well as criminal explosions resulting from tow suicide operations rocked the city of Aleppo, causing the death of 28 martyrs and 235 wounded persons, the wounds of some are serious, the majority of those innocent victims are civilians, security personnel, women and children.

This criminal acts carried out by the terrorist group caused the eruption of a wide spread campaign of condemnation and disapproval locally, regionally and internationally, specially the above mentioned explosions took place in a city, Aleppo, which has been standing firmly in the face of the greatest foreign conspiracy. What distinguishes these tow criminal operations is that they have been praised and highly appreciated by some people.

However, they really come in the context of brutal operations taking place in many parts of beloved-Syria. Those terrorist groups are being funded, armed and trained by the United States of America, Europe and some Arab countries, specially Saudi Arabia and Qatar, for the purpose of planting the seeds of sectarian strife, performing assassinations, kidnapping, sabotage for both public and private properties and the destruction of economic capacities. Whereas the heroic people of Syria suffer mostly from these criminal actions, they, surely are mostly beneficial for Syria.

Greatly repulsive are the attempts of some oppositions groups abroad claiming that they have nothing to do with these operation, on one hand, and to distort the facts on the ground through media which has been launching a great conspiracy against the steadfast people of Syria. Most disgusting of all is that these operations have not been denounced by some Arab countries.

The Syrian communist Party- the Unified- strongly condemns those coward operations against Aleppo which stands firm in the face of the conspiracy. It also prays for the peace of the souls of the innocent victims, as well as the souls of the martyrs who fell and are still falling on the soil of our highly beloved homeland and offers condolence to their families. At the very same time, the Syrian Communist party- the Unified- emphasizes the importance of bolstering national unity and the need to continue holding firm in the face of internal, regional and international conspiracies against our people, the urgent need to accelerate the political and social reforms, to build powerful Syria and protect it by means of more comprehensive democratic reforms.

the Syrian Communist Party-Unified
Damascus 12-02-2012


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