Regarding the expressions of solidarity with the Greek People

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Recently, demonstrations have been held in many countries across the world under the “umbrella” of slogans of “solidarity with Greece” and “we are all Greeks”. Working class and popular solidarity are powerful weapons in the struggle of the peoples. But the workers must deal with any attempt to mislead them.

Which Greece needs solidarity? The Greece of the capitalists, who seek to acquire new loans from the EU and the IMF in order to strengthen the profitability of their capital, to reinforce their position against the people, or the Greece of the working class and the other popular strata, who are suffering due to the consequences of the capitalist crisis, for which they bear no responsibility?

In many of these events this issue remained unclear. And this is the case because there is an effort by certain forces (mainly of social-democracy, the opportunists of the Party of the European Left and the “Greens”) to use vaguely the “solidarity with the Greek people” to whitewash their support which they had provided in the past to the Maastricht Treaty, and the other Euro-treaties, to the EU of capital itself, which is reactionary and in no way can be “democratised”, as they are even now claiming.

In addition there is an attempt for the issue of Greece to be utilised in the inter-imperialist rivalries, inside and outside the EU.

Yes, the workers in Greece want the solidarity of the workers in Europe and all over the world! But solidarity with their struggles, their strikes, their militant demands, the KKE, and the class-oriented trade union movement, PAME which is in the front line of the struggle and not the “solidarity”, which seeks the continuation of capitalist exploitation and the squeezing of the workers.

Regarding this issue the Press Office of the CC of the KKE issued the following statement:

“The KKE addresses a message to all the workers of Europe: It is not necessary for you to “become Greeks” in order to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Greece.

We call on you to join us on the same road for the contemporary rights of the working class and the poor popular strata, in order to impede and overthrow our common enemy, the dictatorship of the monopolies, the EU, the parties which serve them.

Their overthrow in every country or group of countries, the socialization of the monopolies, disengagement from the EU, NATO, with working class-people’s power will be the greatest contribution to the struggle of the peoples of Europe and the whole world.

The newest and most contemporary slogan, which is more timely than ever is: “Workers of all countries, Unite!”

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