Imperialists thwarted

Posted: February 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

RUSSIA and People’s China stopped the imperialists in their tracks at the United Nations last week with a veto over Syria that enraged Anglo-American imperialism and the rest of the Nato pack. For the second time in six months Russia and China blocked imperialist attempts to bulldoze a resolution through the UN Security Council that would have sanctioned regime change à la Libya against Syria.

At the United Nations the imperialists had repeatedly blocked a Russian motion that sought to preserve Syria’s independence, meet the genuine demands of the Syrian people and end the crisis peacefully. Instead they chose to make another attempt to get the world forum to endorse a form of words that would sanction Nato aggression against Syria.

The imperialists claimed to acting in support of the Arab League, a front that now only represents the interests of the Arab oil princes and the big oil corporations that they serve. They said their motion had nothing to do with regime change. But it was entirely one-sided and aimed at providing sanction for the economic blockade and the underground war that the imperialists have been running against Syria for the past 10 months or so.

With crocodile tears the Western Powers are now bleating on about the plight of Syrians caught up in an armed uprising that they incited, financed and armed in the first place to provide them with an alibi for further aggression against the defiant Arab country that has long been a thorn in their flesh.

Imperialist politicians and their chosen lackeys in the media now tell us that Russia and China are defying the “international community” in defending Syria and its Baathist-led popular front government that has long been an obstacle to American and Zionist plans to take over the Middle East.

When imperialists talk about the “international community” they are, of course, only talking about themselves. In their lexicon, these words are synonymous with Nato and imperialism, and indeed have no other meaning as far as Barack Obama and David Cameron are concerned. Likewise with “human rights” which are of paramount importance when their advocates serve the interests of imperialism but are totally ignored when it comes down to the Palestinian Arabs or the millions upon millions in Africa and Asia ruled by puppets of imperialism and the big capitalist corporations that span the world.

The imperialist juggernaut against Syria may have been halted at the UN but it continues apace across the Nato world. Turkey, which has been covertly supplying arms and money to the Syrian rebels, as well as providing a safe-haven for the reactionary Muslim Brotherhood’s “Syrian National Council,” is now calling for the establishment of a new “Friends of Syria” Nato front to co-ordinate support for the terror gangs trying to bring down the Syrian government.

The concerted imperialist move against Syria is part of the broader campaign to isolate and then attack the Islamic Republic of Iran to destroy their nuclear plants and bring down the clerical regime that the imperialists believe is jeopardising their hegemony over the entire Middle East.

The Stop the War movement has started an awareness campaign to expose the war propaganda of the Cameron-led Coalition and alert people to the dangers of yet another Nato war in the Middle East beginning with the rally outside the American embassy in London last month. All communists must redouble their efforts to build the “Don’t Attack Syria or Iran” campaign throughout the labour movement and halt British involvement in more American aggression.

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