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Not much news from Libya on mainstream media lately, so this report is particularly interesting. It shows that the conflict is continuing.

Global Civilians For Peace In Libya


An increasingly tense stand-off in the Libyan town of Assabia appears to have its roots in a struggle for control between rival militias.

Fighters in the nearby town of Gharyan say militias in Assabia, 50 miles south of Tripoli, continue to support the former regime. They say they will disarm them by force if necessary.

Armed groups in Assabia, for their part, have told the BBC they will not give up their weapons unilaterally.

Officials say 12 people were killed and around 100 injured in clashes between the two sides last weekend.

The BBC has seen more evidence of former Libyan rebel fighters torturing prisoners accused of loyalty to the Gaddafi regime.

‘Beaten with chains’

The body of Izeddine el-Ghool was returned to his hometown of Assabia on Thursday.

A week ago this brigade commander was captured by members of a rival militia from Gharyan. Four days later his…

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