We don’t suffer from parliamentary cretinism

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Extracts from the decision of RCWP-RPC Central Committee “On party’s tactics in the course of elections to the State Duma and regional parliaments”
Central Committee of RCWP-RPC further confirms the constant and fundamental attitude of communists towards the whole system of bourgeois parliamentarianism: we consider it to be a system of cheating working people that are offered from time to time to choose who should organize their exploitation in the years to come. We don’t have illusions about the bourgeois parliament, i.e. we don’t suffer from the so called parliamentarian cretinism and we are perfectly aware that nowhere in the world a suppressed class managed to come to power by way of elections. The changes of social and economic structures take place by way of a social revolution only.
Nevertheless we remember well the precept by V.I. Lenin that taught us to use all opportunities provided by bourgeois legislation in order to improve the conditions for the struggle of proletariat. We cannot say that workers don’t care about the conditions for their future struggle. We’ve been always in favour of the maximum usage of all possible forms of the struggle parliamentary one included, in order to ensure a better and more effective development of class struggle especially outside the parliament. Concrete actions are determined by the current relation of classes.
In the course of the coming elections to the State Duma (Russian Parliament) competing groups of bourgeois class and their petty bourgeois allies have been joining their forces in the so called “People’s Front” headed by Vladimir Putin despite all their internal conflicts of interests. This front is being formed up against working people, whose political representatives, RCWP-RPC and ROT FRONT are not allowed to take part in the elections by the authorities, whereas RCWP’s official registration has been withdrawn by the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Justice denied ROT FRONT a political party’s registration 6 times on end.
Under such conditions both RCWP-RPC and the representatives of class Trade Unions members of ROT FRONT deemed it necessary to suggest that the party that calls itself a Communist Party, i.e. CP RF should use their parliamentary status to assemble all anti-capitalist class forces into united All-Russian Labour Front to fight against the all-Russian front of exploiters.
Nevertheless the leadership of CP RF has come up with the initiative to assemble a certain People’s Volunteer Corps. It took the leadership of CP RF many months to think over a suggestion of RCWP to create in this Volunteer Corps a left class wing (actually beginning from March 2011), the suggestion that after a period of procrastination was finally rejected.
What did the CP RF leadership turned down? They’ve turned down the union with Russian Communist Workers Party and workers organizations during the elections, they’ve refused to include into their candidates’ lists the leaders of workers Trade Unions that have a practical experience of real and often successful strikes.
Let’s pay our attention to the fact that RCWP didn’t ask to include into the lists anybody from the party’s leadership – we wanted that representatives of the workers’ movement with a practical experience should be included as well as representatives of workers teams known for their struggle with both Russian and foreign owners of the enterprises. Such experience is so difficult to come across nowadays and so much needs to be supported and popularized, that a positive decision by CP RF seemed to be inevitable.
Nevertheless the leadership of CP RF has refused such an offer. When trying to disguise their obviously noncommunist approach, they offered for workers only those candidate positions that had no chances for success, thus allocating them the role of “extras” in the elections. The leadership of CP RF have remained true to their confidential principles dating from many years – there is practically no representatives of workers in CP RF candidates’ lists, whereas there is even more various merchants, businessmen, the so-called “elite” (there has appeared even a General of Police, V. Cherkasov – a personal friend of V. Putin) as well as a newly formed layer of this party’s officials that go out of their way to get into the Parliament. Preparations for the elections in many regions are accompanied not by the discussions of tactics but rather by internal squabbles and rows within the party organizations. The fact that such practice resulted many times in disgraceful cases of betrayal and defecting party members to the enemy (let’s remember such members of CP RF fraction in the parliament as Rybkin, Podberjezkin, Semigin, Semago, Seleznev. Gorjacheva, Tulyeev, Tkachev, Khodyrev, Mikhailov, Govorukhin, Drapeko, Afanasjev Igoshin – and other smaller politicians on a regional level) – these facts don’t discomfort the leadership of CP RF in the least. And now the CP RF leadership refuses to nominate worker candidates explaining that they are sorry but there are no vacant places left! The elections have turned for CP RF leadership into a sort of commercial enterprise that brings a nice profit both in the form of sponsorship in return for parliament seats and in the form of financing from the State that depends on the election results. The parliamentary mandates are more and more used by the deputies from CP RF not to organize struggle outside the Parliament but rather to ensure the status of State officials for party bosses and for their sponsors
Communists and workers can only view such a position by CP RF as a direct betrayal of the working class and a total rejection of communist principles both theoretical and practical ones.
In comparison with CP RF a position of “Spravedlivaya Rossiya” (“Fair Russia”1 leadership towards workers looks more decent and farsighted. These “gentlemen-comrades” though they don’t call themselves communist and don’t swear allegiance to Marxism-Leninism and to their reliance on working class, nevertheless have agreed to the proposal of class Trade Unions to co-operate during the elections and not only simply included the leaders of MPRA2 Trade Union into their candidate lists, but offered them leading positions both in the candidate lists for Samara and St.Petersburg regional elections as well as in the federal candidate lists for Duma in both these regions. Aleksey Etmanov and Petr Zolotaryev have become social-democrat candidates.
Under the given circumstances the Central Committee of RCWP-RPC declared that we were not in a position to support the politics of CP RF leadership in the course of elections to the Russian State Duma. The Central Committee evaluates the actions of CP RF as actual co-operation with bourgeoisie hence – as betrayal of working class interests and treason of the socialist cause. We don’t consider it possible to give support to all the remaining parties taking part in the electoral farce. CP of RCWP-RPC herby sets up an active boycott to all these parties in the course of elections. The concrete forms of this boycott and the ways of carrying it out both before and in the course of the elections should be determined by our regional organizations on discussion with the Political Council of the Central Committee on the basis of both emerging regional circumstances and the position of our allies in the front of anti-capitalist forces.
Nevertheless, when considering both CP RF, “Fair Russia” and “Patriots of Russia” to be typical social-democrats, the Political Council  deems it possible to give local organizations of RCWP-RCP the right to render assistance to the candidates of the above parties providing these parties co-operate with workers organizations and give them practical help.
Nevertheless, when considering both CP RF, “Fair Russia” and “Patriots of Russia” to be typical social-democrats, the Political Council  deems it possible to give local organizations of RCWP-RCP the right to render assistance to the candidates of the above parties providing these parties co-operate with workers organizations and give them practical help.
CP of RCWP-RPC don’t consider it possible to render support to any of the already nominated candidates for Russian presidency, the elections to be held in 2012
We’d like to express our special protest regarding the fact that the nomination of G.A. Zyganov by CP RF for the elections is presented by his propaganda as the nomination on behalf of all Russian communists. CP of RCWP-RPC is of the opinion that the position of Zyuganov is not only incompatible with the basics of Marxism-Leninism, but in a number of aspects demonstrates an obvious anti-communist nature manifesting itself in an open betrayal of the working class.
RCWP-RPC shall go on unmasking the compromising and anti-communist approach of G.A. Zyganov. RCWP-RCP and our allies can once again see the correctness of Lenin’s idea that a genuine Communist Party should be opposed to all bourgeois parties without exception, that’s why the consolidation of class forces shall remain the strategic task of our party, that should be carried by way of registering ROT FRONT as a political party that would enable us to join official political struggle independently in order to use the possibilities provided by the parliamentary status to expand the revolutionary movement of working people at large.
Let’s not falter in the chosen course!
Moscow, 22 of October 2011

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