Close to Home

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Elderly woman being given a tray of food by carer

The new report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission that highlights the appaling and cruel treatment meted out to our elderly people, comes as no surprise.

We live in a country where the poor are despised by the banking and corporate robbers, whilst they showers themselves with financial rewards and power. Their bought and paid for politicians are meanwhile squeezing every drop of juice out of the most vunerable to pay for their greed.

War has become an act of first resort against any nation who does not grovel at the feet of the new empire builders.

Remember … We are the 99.9%. When we can build a world based on respect, peace, and the freedom to be part of the human race rather than isolated individuals. We have the power to choose. So let’s choose to change the world, and start working on it from small things to big things, today!

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