November 17 in the light of today

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
Standpoint adopted by the 46th meeting of the Executive Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (CPBM) on November 11, 2011
In Czech society there is at the present time increasing dissatisfaction with economic conditions and the critical economic and social situation of a growing number of families and individuals. Fears about the incidence of violence and crime and corruption are mounting.
Basic human values are more and more being regarded as mere commodities exchangeable at any price. Poverty, social isolation and fear of losing one’s job have become common, indeed daily concerns. It is in this atmosphere that we reflect on the anniversary of November 17, a date inscribed indelibly in the history of our nation.
While the anniversary of November 1939 as a symbol of the resistance of Czech students to Nazi occupation brings our nation together, the anniversary of 1989 is increasingly dividing our society. In that year the then Czechoslovakia possessed huge wealth and had no debts.
What the majority of people wanted then was simply more room for their creative ambitions, less party mindedness and bureaucratic control. It also wanted to keep the socialist system, job and social security.
The political “leaders” of the November events in 1989, especially Václav Havel and his entourage of so-called dissidents, lied to the people from the very beginning – as have the majority of post-november governments. Likewise the present rightist government of Peter Nečas is lying to the Czech people.
* * *
The Government’s reforms, autocratically passed in Parliament by the ruling three-party coalition (ODS, TOP 09 and VV) will seriously erode the living standards of a great number of people.
These so-called government reforms are nothing more than opening the door to the sale of the last parcel of public wealth that has so far escaped privatisation – the funds collected from our citizens for pensions and social and health insurance.
The present Government is thus completing what was for those who seized power the purpose of the coup: only a small percentage of citizens were to become wealthy at the expense of the rest.
The only thing that the elite in power has not yet considered is direct political persecution (if we disregard the screening law and the purges in the universities, public offices and the like).
An indication that the possibility of its abuse of political power cannot be ruled out, however, is the persistent endeavour of the Government to find, at any cost, a reason to ban or to suspend the activity of the only parliamentary party that has not participated in the systematic plunder of the nation.
There is evidence of this also in the reaction to certain trade union actions, including very dubious court decisions. [for ‘dubious’ maybe ‘questionable’ or ‘contentious’ is more suitable] Economic pressure on our citizens and their fear of losing their job is no longer enough.
It is true that the Government recently appeared to retreat — it wants to postpone some reforms. It has not done this out of pity for the people. It just does not have enough funds. It is delaying their operation until we are deeper in recession and the impact of the reforms will be that much more serious.
The CPBM therefore appeals to the people: Stop allowing this plunder! Stop being intimidated! Don’t be misled by the Government’s proposed postponement of the reforms. Your power is great — don’t be afraid to show it. The right wing forces declare: “The streets won’t dictate to us!” But if we ALL take to the streets, we can achieve the fall of this government and early elections.

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