On the “Haircut” of the debt and its consequences for the people

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

The EU of the crisis and the sharpening contradictions is a slaughterhouse for working class and popular rights. The so-called “haircut” of the debt by 50% which was decided on means for the people the restarting of new barbaric measures and memoranda, in order to cover the losses of the plutocracy and to recover its high level of profitability.

It will bring a new drastic reduction of wages, a new robbery of the social-security funds with dramatic consequences for pensions, provisions and the retirement age. The crisis, the debt, the state bankruptcy, the barbaric anti-people measures are the only way for capitalism and the parties which serve it, not for the workers and the self-employed.

The people can be saved from the capitalist dead-ends and barbarity. There is only one path for the people to live better, to acquire sovereign rights and for the country to be developed for their benefit: the wealth must become the property of the people with people’s power, disengagement from the EU and a unilateral cancellation of the debt to the monopolies and imperialist states. The predictions of the KKE have been confirmed, as well as older ones which had to do with the agreement of the 21st of July. Through the memorandum and the medium term programme the government imposed savage sacrifices on the people so that it could allegedly avoid bankruptcy.

The way out today is alliance with the KKE, people’s alliance and counterattack. Down with the government and the parties of the plutocracy.

On the mobilizations at the parades

The Press Office of the CC of the KKE in a statement made reference to the popular mobilizations during the parades for the anniversary of the NO of the Greek people to the Italo-fascist invasion in 1940: “ At the parades which were held on Saturday 29/10 in every city as well as in the parades that took place in popular neighbourhoods, the size of the people’s rage was demonstrated and its opposition to the political line of the government. The people’s opposition was expressed in many and various ways. Through mass demonstrations against the barbaric measures and with symbolic initiatives of opposition by school students who participated in the parades, despite the fact that the government “exempted” from the parades those schools which had mobilised against its policies. This mass popular reaction cannot be slandered, or be stigmatised by the activity of certain cells which do not express the popular interests and operate against them, for their own goals. Whether the military parade took place or not in Thessalonica is a secondary issue, in the face of the drama which the people are experiencing and worse which the government-EU-plutocracy have brought for them. The people’s struggle can become strong, effective and victorious only if it is solidly rooted in the factories, sectors, popular neighbourhoods, forming a strong people’s alliance which has the clear goal of overthrowing the political line and the power of the monopolies.”


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