Richard Clarke’s Peculiar Evolution

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September 28, 2011

MEDIA ROOTS- Richard Clarke, former anti-terrorism chief under Bush, has given a new account of the 9/11 story that implicates the CIA for intentionally obstructing the investigation and withholding vital information that would have likely prevented the attacks. His testimony smashes a hole in the government’s ‘incompetence’ theory that rationalized their inaction. It also invalidates the mindset of ‘oh well, there was so much intelligence coming in that we couldn’t differentiate the real threats from the fake ones’, by pointing out that someone from the inside must have been purposefully obstructing him from doing his job.

The filmmakers of 9/11: Press for Truth interview Richard Clarke about the revelations.

There are numerous things very telling about Clarke’s sudden revival with this information. His new, more frustrated demeanor hints at something deeper that he could suspect or possibly know to be true about the attacks. Clarke suggests that Saudi intelligence was involved, further connecting the dots between Bandar Bush and the Saudi Royal Family to 9/11.

Al Qaeda on US Government Payroll

Shockingly, Clarke also theorizes that the CIA tried to recruit a member of Al Qaeda who later turned out to be one of the 19 hijackers, proving that the CIA was well aware of Al Qaeda ‘cells’ prior to the attacks. His allegations add credibility to the theory that some of the hijackers could have possibly been on the US government payroll.

If one studies the JFK case, there are eerily similar consistencies with Lee Harvey Oswald’s background as a Russian intelligence agent or potential double agent working for the US. Oswald listed his address in the same New Orleans building as CIA Bay of Pigs co-organizer, Guy Banister. Similarly, five of the 19 hijackers were trained at secure US military installations in the 90s, and three of them listed their addresses at the Pensacola naval base in Florida.

Clarke astoundingly divulges a theory that George Tenant, along with up to 40 CIA agents (by his estimate), knew about attempts to get one of the hijackers on the CIA payroll as an informant up to four months before 9/11.

We don’t know for certain whether Clarke is telling the truth, but what we do know is that over time insiders like Clarke might feel safer revealing more pieces of the 9/11 puzzle. Possibly he is plagued with a guilty conscious, or maybe the US government is still using him to spread conflicting propaganda in order to manipulate the narrative.

Unsurprisingly, the corporate press hasn’t touched the explosive allegation. What is surprising, however, is the lack of coverage from the so-called ‘alternative’ media sites like Salon, Slate, and Wired. There seems to be an active campaign among both the progressive media establishment and the corporate news to censor such a revelatory story.

Who is Richard Blee?

The name Richard Blee comes up multiple times throughout Clarke’s video interview. He points the finger at Blee and accuses him of being a key player in withholding information that could have prevented the attacks. As more investigating is done into this case, hopefully Blee will be further questioned. For now, George Tenant, Blee and others accused by Clarke have already written a rebuttal to his allegations of the ‘lady doth protest to much’ varietal.

Investigative journalism like that done by Secrecy Kills and the 9/11: Press for Truth crew is rare. We give high honors to the people who dug deep into this story and look forward to their future revelations. Make sure to visit their website Secrecy Kills and listen to an hour long podcast detailing much more than what is discussed here.

Written by Robbie and Abby Martin

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