Lobby of Wandsworth Council – No evictions!

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Their Crisis Not Ours!

Wednesday 21st September 2011
6:30pm to 8:30pm

Wandsworth Against Cuts – defending our communities

No to the eviction!
. No to Wandsworth council’s eviction of a local family
. No to cuts that destroy our children’s future
Lobby of wandsworth council meeting
Wandsworth Town Hall, High Street, SW18 2PU (see map)

Wandsworth council have threatened to evict a local family from their council house because one family member has been accused of involvement in the riots. This is in addition to the court case, which is ongoing. This constitutes a double and collective punishment of a whole family is a disastrous response to the recent unrest.

A real solution to the riots would include an end to the cuts and investment in jobs and social provision which would strengthen our communities.

Meanwhile, MPs have got away with claiming Plasma TVs on their expenses, Rupert Murdoch’s journalists have hacked phones, while offering payment for information. While severe punishment is promised for alleged rioters, those at the top are getting away scott-free!

Contact: peterbirdathome@yahoo.co.uk, carmelpollen@bwtuc.org.ukor wacdoc@btinternet.com


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