The War Continues

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

by Caustic Logic

Even as Tripoli has apparently fallen for good and is suddenly racked with horrific “Gaddafi” atrocities, the green side fights on. The cities of Sirte, Bani Walad, and Sabha, at least, are still in the hands of Gaddafi loyalists, including tribal mmilitias. They are still being bombed by NATO’s warplanes and attacked by their helicopters, as they prepare for a September 10 surrender deadline or a September 11 assault by al Qaeda-linked rebel lynch mobs. I have nothing much to add. News on the “fighting” is scarce, with most reportage being about the search for a negotiated settlement and analyses of how long this last mop-up will take before Libya is purged and purified for the forces of neo-Liberal freedom. The world is not likely to allow them to just stay there like an Indian reservation. They’d surely attack “civilians” (Libya’s new government and army) all over again if left alone, even if they swore not to. Everyone knows you can’t trust Gaddafi. So they must go if they don’t abjectly surrender (and they probably won’t). My heart goes out to all those caught in the crossfire, as well as to those still holding to their oaths and prepared to die for what they feel is right. Once you are dead or locked up to die of sadness or torture, future Libya will be deprived of your input and guidance. But that was probably going to be the case anyway. This is not an exercise in sharing by NATO and its preferred leadership of “free-market” crusaders.

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