Libya is part of the post 911 perpetual war – Mahdi Nazemroaya

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
  1. nsnbc says:

    Thank you for bringing this interview with Mahdi Nazemroaya to the people. Mahdi Nazemroaya is making a crucial point, namely, the fact that US/EU-NATO aggression over the last decade is a continuation of colonial politics undermining, and where possible, eradicating, tribal structures and other social structures that are centuries old. The function of this policy is destabilization, disorientation as the basis for the creation of a new order out of the created chaos.This relates very well to the Libyan TNC statements that Libyans should forget about tribal allegiances, and focus on them all being Libyans. This attempt however, is bound to fail, and guaranties a protracted conflict rather than the resolution of it and reconciliation. One can say about the Ghadafi government what one wants. Fact is, that part of it´s success was the integration of tribal tradition, social structures, and centuries old traditions into a new, socially progressive state.

    If I can be so optimistic as to hope for justice rather than victors justice, I would hope that the reports and testimony of Mahdi Nazemroaya would be used in war crimes tribunals. A utopyy having the function of providing positive motivational energy, I choose being an utopist.

    Thank you New Worker Team, Thank YOU Mahdi Nazemroaya.

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