Britain breaks relations with Libya

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

by Our Arab Affairs Correspondent

THE BRITISH government formally broke off all relations with Libya this week ordering all Libya’s remaining diplomats out of the country and handing over the London embassy to the imperialist-backed rebels who call themselves the “Transitional National Council”.

The British move, while hardly unexpected after six months of undeclared war in the name of a bogus UN resolution, follows similar steps taken by US and French imperialism to enable the imperialists to get their hands on Libyan money banked abroad to pay the rebel troops and off-set the war in the air which is clearly going nowhere.

On the front line the rebels, little more than auxiliaries for the big oil corporations, are still trying to hold the road to the provincial capital of Benghazi which they seized when the revolt began and Misrata remains besieged by loyalist troops despite all efforts of the rebels and Nato aviation to dislodge them.

The onset of Ramadan has triggered a renewed flurry of diplomatic efforts to end the fighting which in any case will peter out during the Muslim month of fasting and prayer.

On the face of it the visit of United Nations special envoy Abdul Elah al Khatib for talks with both sides in the civil war achieved nothing.

The imperialists, including Britain, now say Muammar Gaddafi can stay in Libya if he steps down to pave the way for elections and the formation of a national reconciliation government. The Libyans insist that this is out of the question and say there can be no talks unless the bombing stops.

But secret diplomacy is continuing to try and square the circle increasingly working along the lines of the African Union peace plan that the imperialists dismissed out of hand when they thought they had Gaddafi on the run.


Algeria, one of the Arab countries that opposed the Arab League support for the rebels, has consistently worked for a peaceful settlement despite false rebel claims that it has been covertly helping the Libyans re-supply their army.

This week Algerian Foreign Ministry Amar Belani spokesperson told the media that there are no other options than a political solution to the crisis in Libya, adding that the military campaign there should come to an end.

Belani said that all sides agree that there is now no alternative except a political solution to the crisis, and that the military campaign has come to an end, a conclusion agreed by senior military chiefs among member countries of the contact group on Libya.

He added that since the very beginning of the crisis in Libya, Algeria has been a strong party in the efforts aiming at restoring peace there, notably through contributing efficiently in drawing up of the African Union peace roadmap which is still valid.

The Algerian official further stressed that his country would continue to work to reach a political solution, responding to aspirations of the Libyan people, and preserving the unity of this brotherly and neighbouring country.

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