Solidarity with 30 June strikes: Build the Resistance

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16th June 2011

Over three-quarters of a million trade unionists will be taking co-ordinated strike action on 30 June. In the last week, members of the NUT, ATL and PCS have voted to take action to defend their pensions. They will also be joined by UCU members who have already voted for and taken action in defence of their pensions.

Neither the jobs, pensions nor pay of public sector workers caused the deficit and neither did public services, welfare benefits or students – yet this is precisely what is being targeted by the coalition government, which has announced over £25 billion in tax breaks to business since coming to power.

The LRC wants members to join picket lines on 30 June and join in strike rallies and supportive activities to show solidarity with those on strike. Bring your local LRC banners, Labour Party and trade union banners. See details of 30 June strike day rallies across the UK.

John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, said:

“We will be witnessing on 30 June the greatest act of trade union solidarity in a generation. Every one of us has a responsibility to do all we can to support this strike. It is the precursor to a potential ‘autumn of anger’ against the savagery of this government’s cuts.”

Matt Wrack, FBU General Secretary, said:

“Firefighters will be giving full support to members of the NUT, UCU, ATL and PCS in their strike action. The attacks we face are common across the public sector and we need to stand together to defend ourselves. I call on students and pensioners and others in local communities to come out and support the strikes on 30 June. This will be the start of a serious fightback against this vicious government.”

Ronnie Draper, General Secretary of BFAWU, said:

“The BFAWU conference in Bridlington this week has not only given it’s backing to those comrades taking action on 30 June, but will also support any picket line in the locality of our branches.”

The RMT has also announced a series of strike dates from 19 June to 1 July to defend their victimised London Underground rep Arwyn Thomas. For more details on this dispute see the RMT press release.

30 June Resources

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