Brave new scary world of profit and greed

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

 HarpyMarx says:

This caught my eye regarding the buying, selling and addiction of prescription drug Oxycodone in the US. One woman said that the drug “numbed you, made you feel like you were in a bubble”. With all the misery being heaped on people then it’s no wonder many seek a quick fix to anaesthetise you from the horrors of life… But with this drug comes addiction and exploitation.

Together with the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians it is battling to persuade the state to introduce a monitoring database that would allow police and medical authorities to identify where the oxycodone is coming from, and in turn identify and shut down the pill mills. Though Florida is the epicentre of the oxycodone epidemic, with 98% of all the nation’s doctors who handle the drug located here, astonishingly the state has no comprehensive database recording prescription histories.

Even more astonishingly its recently elected governor, the Tea Party favourite Rick Scott, has blocked the introduction of a database on grounds of cost.

What also made me think is with all the attacks on the NHS combined with privatisation, the motive for many won’t be public need but private greed. unscrupulous doctors and a powerful pharmaceutical companies will make profits on the backs of misery feathering their own financial nests while inducing massive pill popping and endless addiction. This is the future this is unregulated private enterprise who cares not about you but about pound signs and profit!


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